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Whether you wish to retire under the American sun or secure your dream job in the states, an astounding range of possibilities can be found here. From bustling cities to quaint towns and where natural beauty seems boundless, you'll be sure to find the perfect place to call home.

Things to do

Thanks to its vast size, and a melting pot of diverse and eccentric cultural identities, there is basically no limit to what you can do in America. A wide range of natural landscapes means you can ride horses through the Texan desert on one day, drive to Colorado for some skiing on the next and then spend your weekend on the Californian coastline, soaking up the sunshine and surfing the Pacific Ocean.

Americans love sports and love the outdoor life, and are fully aware of their nation's beauty. This is evident through the thousands of government-protected national parks spread throughout the country. If sports and activities aren't your thing, don't worry, Americans love to be entertained as well.

If something is found to be culturally intriguing, different or just outright amusing, the Americans are bound to have already made a show out of it. Head to the Deep South for a visit to the birthplace of rock 'n' roll, take in the cinema scene in Hollywood, or catch a show on Broadway in New York. Lovers of high art will feel right at home amongst the plethora of theatres and art galleries in New York City. You name it- America has it!

Places to eat

One should always regard the U.S. as a country of different communities, rather than as one single national identity. Each state possesses its own set of customs, rituals and of course, food; and Americans love their food.

From cured meats in New York's kosher delis to New England's clam chowder, from Kansas City style barbecue ribs to shellfish gumbo down in Louisiana, there are so many different styles to choose from. What's more, with recent health drives in places like New York and California, the days of endless junk food are on the decline. You're now more likely to come across sushi diners and kale bars than burger joints and fried chicken shacks. The image of mac 'n' cheese and Tom & Jerry style, picture-perfect apple pies sitting on windowsills is no longer the reality - although you can certainly find it if you want it! Engage your American pioneering spirit, get out there and eat everything thats on offer.


The birthplace of modern capitalism means the birthplace of modern shopping. Shopping is a big deal in America and it's not simply the act of buying new stuff; it's an American pastime. Whether you're looking for high couture on New York's Madison Avenue, vintage gems in New Orleans' French Quarter, cheap and cheerful in Memphis thrift stores or supermalls in Texas, there really is something for everyone. As the home of Apple, Nike, Levi's, Google and Cadillac you'll never be too far away from the latest consumer goods to hit the market.

Getting around

Getting to the U.S. is pretty straightforward. International flights will fly directly to almost every major city on the East and West coasts and New York City alone boasts three international airports. Getting around the U.S can also be done with no real trouble thanks to most cities hosting an airport for domestic flights and an exceptional national rail service, which is both comfortable and efficient.

Really, though, America was made for the automobile and the roads on the government funded InterState are wide, smooth and accommodating. This, coupled with the breathtaking scenery and quirky roadside attractions is part of the reason why the American road trip is so attractive, accessible and so much fun.

However, America's love affair with motoring does have its drawbacks when it comes to city travel. New York aside, the size and spread of most major cities, having been built with the motorcar in mind, means that you really need a car to get around.

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