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Keeping up with the Beales

15th May 2008

They may not be Soap's sexiest family but they rule in the property stakes -

Ian Beale may finally have something to smile about - his family home in Albert Square has been revealed as the 'Highest Value Soap Home' by leading proper ty values website Despite the recent housing market slowdown, the Beale residence is valued at well over half a million pounds, more than double the average in England of £232,323. It turns out the ordinary café and chip shop owner is not so ordinary after all!, the UK's fastest growing property website, which provides free, instant value estimates on any UK home, conducted its analysis of the nation's favourite Soap streets by matching each fictional property to identical homes in the areas where the shows are based.

According to, the combined property value of the four leading soap streets comes in at close to £13 million. Eastenders. Albert Square leads the way with an average home value of £439,785, followed by Emmerdale at £229,207 and Hollyoaks village at £193,698. At the other end of the property ladder, average values on Coronation Street come in at only £96,341.

Soap-land, however, is certainly not immune to the recent housing slump. According to figures, over the past 3 months values have fallen by over 3% on Albert Square, wiping an eye-watering £13,976 off the value of the average home. Hollyoaks and Coronation Street are suffering too, with £1,267 and £387 respectively being knocked off the average value of their homes since February. Values in Emmerdale have however stabilised gaining £572 on average over the last 3 months after a steep decline at the end of last year.

The unsettling news in the housing market of late seems to have had little impact as the inhabitants of Walford, the Yorkshire Dales and Chester appear oblivious to the rest of the UK's strife. To date, Coronation Street is the only soap to touch on the subject, with a recent storyline seeing Ashley and Claire Peacock feel the pinch!

The recent housing market woes are, however, overshadowing the significant gains made over the past few years. figures show that the average values on Coronation Street have risen by 25.98% in the last 3 years, and in Albert Square by £23.58% over the same period. As a result, Eastenders' opportunist Slater family are now sitting on a £460,000 fortune - with a property worth over four times that of Corrie's Peacocks (£106,500).

Alex Chesterman, Founder & CEO of said:

"Whilst the recent dip in the market may be tough on the residents in Albert Square (who have seen average house values drop by £148 per day in the past 3 months), like most UK homeowners, they can take comfort in knowing that their homes have actually made a tidy profit over the longer run. Charlie Slater and his neighbours on the Square have seen the average value of their homes increase by £83,914 over the last 3 years."

The Hollyoaks' beauties have also been working their way up the property ladder with even the unruly McQueens shacked up in a pad worth £282,500. Travelling further north to the Yorkshire Dales, values may have fallen 5.6 per cent in the last six months, however Emmerdale village is still home to some of the most expensive houses in Soap with the dirty Dingles unwittingly inhabiting an idyllic £300,000 countryside retreat.

Alex Chesterman of continues:

"Some of our favourite Soap characters also happen to be amongst Britain's nosiest neighbours. is the ultimate tool for anyone interested in the property market, providing free access to house prices paid, current value estimates, local trends and much more for ANY UK home. I imagine Ian Beale would likely be checking our website daily to keep track of the value of his property and everyone else's too."

  Hollyoaks Emmerdale Coronation St Eastenders
Average home values £193,698 £229,207 £96,341 £439,785
3 month value change (%) -0.65% 0.25% -0.40% -3.08%
6 month value change (%) -1.38% -5.60% -4.10% -4.60%
12 month value change (%) 1.63% -0.83% 0.20% 3.20%
36 month value change (%) 13.23% 14.13% 25.98% 23.58%
3 month avg. change (£) -£1,267 £572 -£387 -£13,976
6 month avg. change (£) -£2,710 -£13,597 -£4,119 -£21,206
12 month avg. change (£) £3,107 -£1,918 £192 £13,637
36 month avg. change (£) £22,632 £28,377 £19,868 £83,914
3 month daily change (£) -£14 £6 -£4 -£148
6 month daily change (£) -£15 -£70 -£22 -£111
12 month daily change (£) £9 -£5 £1 £39
36 month daily change (£) £23 £30 £23 £95

Source: May 08

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Notes to editor:

Top 5 Soap Home Values

  1. Beales (Eastenders) - £597,223
  2. Truemans (Eastenders)- £587,337
  3. Wicks (Eastenders) - £502,391
  4. Kings (Emmerdale) - £465,555
  5. Slaters (Eastenders) - £462,391


  • Average property value - £439,785
  • Highest value property - Beale family - £597,223
  • Lowest value property - Gus Smith - £247,687

Coronation Street

  • Average property value - £96,341
  • Highest value property - Barlow family - £114,811
  • Lowest value property - MacDonald family - £68,071


  • Average property value - £229,207
  • Highest value property - King family - £465,555
  • Lowest value property - Betty Eagleton - £120,173


  • Average property value - £193,698
  • Highest value property - Ashworth family - £288,487
  • Lowest value property - Tony Hutchinson - £146,463

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