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What's in a street name...the secret to house prices perhaps?

- Pay attention to the street name, not just the neighbours -

28th June 2010

  • Properties located on 'Hills' and 'Lanes' worth 50% more than national average
  • 'Streets' and 'Terraces' have lowest average property values across the UK
  • 'Road' most common residential suffix in UK whilst 'Mews' most exclusive
  • Homes on 'Church Lane' worth more than double those on 'Chapel Street'

New research by leading property website has revealed that there may be much more to the name of the 'street' or 'road' or 'avenue' where you live than meets the eye. And choosing wisely may have a significant impact on the value of your home., which provides free value estimates for every UK home, calculated the average property values for each of the 858,000 residential locations in the UK and found that the highest value properties in the country are to be found on a 'Hill', where average house prices stand at £341,466, well above the national average. Other names at the top of the list included 'Lane' where average home values are £328,378, 'Mews' coming in at £294,869, 'Park' at £283,069 and 'Green' where an average home will set you back £269,861.

At the other end of the spectrum, the average property on a 'Street' in the UK is valued today at £155,515, less than half that of one on a 'Hill' and well below the national average. 'Terrace' only fared marginally better than 'Street' in the rankings with an average value of £156,387. Also rounding out the bottom 5 were 'Crescent' with average property prices of £176,942, 'Court' coming in at £178,488 and 'View' where the average property costs £184,546 today.

The most common residential location name by far is 'Road' with 144,322 of them across the UK. The next most common being 'Close' with 98,778 of them, followed by 'Street' with 58,637 spread across the country. The research revealed that there are three times as many 'Roads' as 'Avenues' (47,488) and three times as many again 'Avenues' as 'Terraces' (16,532).

In terms of exclusivity, the least common location names within the top 20 were revealed as 'Square' (3,859) and 'Mews' (4,825). Owners of properties in a 'Mews' have reason to celebrate their home buying skills, having come in the top 3 both in terms of average property values and exclusivity.

And when it comes to specific road names, 5 of the top 20 most common in the UK include either 'Church' or 'Chapel' in the name. But despite being amongst the most common, those with 'Church' in the name are also amongst the highest valued with the average property on the 1,547 'Church Lanes' across the UK valued at an impressive £364,635 compared to the national average of £217,624. Other key words in road names that appear to have a positive impact on property values include 'Mill', 'School' and 'Green'. Conversely properties on the 507 'Chapel Streets' around the country are valued well below average at £159,433.

The most common road names in the UK are 'High Street' (2,431 of them) and 'Station Road' (1,929 of them) but despite the names being common, property values on both remain higher than the national average at £237,992 and £231,943 respectively, due to their typical proximity to the local services suggested in their names.

Nicholas Leeming, Commercial Director, said: "Most people typically don't pay much attention to the name of the road when deciding where to buy but it is clear that names can have an impact on both property values and the appearance of exclusivity with the average property on a Hill worth £185,000 more than the average property on a Street. If it's exclusivity that is sought after, then maybe a Mews or Square is for you, but if looking to bag a bargain then it may be a Terrace or Crescent you are after."

Most Common Location Names

Rank Name Avg. Home Value # in the UK
1 Road £232,391 144,322
2 Close £218,918 98,778
3 Street £155,515 58,637
4 Avenue £186,190 47,488
5 Lane £328,378 45,058
6 Drive £215,956 35,393
7 Way £222,241 21,615
8 Court £178,488 20,695
9 Place £201,248 18,588
10 Gardens £247,237 18,014
11 Crescent £176,942 17,407
12 Terrace £156,387 16,532
13 Grove £188,166 14,612
14 Walk £192,163 9,631
15 View £184,546 7,714
16 Hill £341,466 6,838
17 Park £283,069 5,636
18 Green £269,861 5,630
19 Mews £294,869 4,825
20 Square £220,485 3,859


Most Common Street Names

Rank Street Name Avg. Home Value # in the UK
1 High Street £237,992 2,431
2 Station Road £231,943 1,929
3 Church Lane £364,635 1,547
4 Church Street £230,588 1,404
5 Main Street £244,491 1,231
6 Church Road £306,077 1,116
7 The Green £310,931 1,066
8 Mill Lane £330,059 989
9 School Lane £303,509 770
10 New Road £261,731 709
11 Park Road £223,200 698
12 Green Lane £299,298 670
13 The Crescent £201,332 627
14 The Street £337,153 621
15 Main Road £262,762 608
16 Chapel Lane £286,536 598
17 Orchard Close £245,520 535
18 Manor Road £258,646 516
19 Chapel Street £159,433 507
20 Victoria Road £210,064 500


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